Putting Tips

Vaughan Mason is the inventor and owner of the BJM Putter Grips Company LTD and Holding system. The new, innovative putting system is explained in detail on the website bjmputtergrips.com.

Step 1 Palm Up, Palm Up

TARGET HAND The standard BJM hold system is a reference to having the target hand above the rear hand while holding the grip. - Holding the shaft of the club in the rear hand just below the grip, shaft horizontal with the clubface vertical. This is referred to as a square club-face, you will find the elbows hanging in-front of your tummy with the fore-arms horizontal to the ground.

Turn the palm of the target hand to the sky (Supination) and place the grip of the golf club in the target hand running through the palm just above the little finger and running into the fingers at the pointer finger.

Remember not to hinge the target hand either way that is the little finger moving towards the wrist (ulnar deviation) or the thumb moving towards the wrist (radial deviation), this is called ulnar and radial deviation and is unwanted in the set up.

Step 2 Extend

Preparation for EXTENSION of the hands At this stage our hands have been prepared and will be holding the putter correctly, from here we will proceed with the following steps.
Make sure the elbows are resting in front of the tummy with the forearms horizontal to the ground (90 degree angle between the forearm and bicep part of the arm).

Maintain the horizontal position in the forearms (90 degree angle between the forearm and bicep part of the arm) and allow the weight of the putter to create some extension in the hands.

In other words you will allow the wrists to bend towards the ground under the weight of the putter (club head will hinge towards the ground) leave the forearms horizontal to the ground while creating this extension for the hands.

Step 3 Bend

Preparation for the BOW - Bow from the waist keeping the elbows in front of the tummy until the putter head touches the ground. Do not extend the arms, in other words leave the angle between the forearm and bicep the same as it was when preparing the hands at the ready position

The YIPS are a psychological and physical glitch that creates involuntary and undesired joint movements in the hands and arms and is most common in putting.

The new BJM putting style and BJM Kotahi putter grip can solve many of the underlying issues that cause the yips and the subsidiary issues that accompany the yips, simply by reducing the amount of available mobility in the joints of the hands and arms. The new BJM putting science and BJM Kotahi putter grip would be the first line of defense as well as a frontline cure for YIPS.